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Name:Marvel Cinematic Universe Femslash
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Welcome to mcufemslash, a livejournal community created to share fanworks involving the women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in same gender relationships, from Akela Amador to Natasha Romanoff, from Pepper/Maya/Christine to Jemma/Skye, from drabbles to ship manifestos.

You can also find us at our homebase on Tumblr or over on Livejournal.

Community Focus Guidelines
This community is a celebration of lady on lady love, open to fanfiction, graphics and icons, meta and manifestos, recs, fanart, and the occasional ad for other communities or fests who center around the same.

You may post works made for our prompt table challenges, works for other communities’ challenges, works made independently without prompts, reposts of old works, and cross-posted works, providing the work in question is centered on the relationship between two or more female characters from a Marvel Studios property.

Fanworks do not always have to be romantic or sexual in nature, but they must focus on the relationship between two or more ladies; fanworks whose focus is on male/female or male/male relationships with female/female or female&female as an aside or a secondary pairing are not permitted.

Nonbinary, genderfluid, genderqueer, and female-identifying trans interpretations of characters are welcome, as long as the character is originally presented as female-identifying in the source material (Rule 63 and the like is not permitted.) Aro/ace interpretations are of course also welcome.

We are here to celebrate and draw/write/create content about the ladies of the MCU. As long as you’re doing that, you’re home.

Content GuidelinesPosting Guidelines
We do not accept abusive content. Posts and fanworks that glorify sexual assault, racism, misogyny, albeism, transphobia, or biphobia are not permitted and will be deleted immediately and without warning. This includes "dubcon" and "noncon" themes in fic, posts that demean or erase women (particularly women of color and trans women), and the use of slurs and harmful statements phrased as "jokes."

Clearly label triggering content. Everyone's mileage may vary, but in general posters should include warnings for content containing death (especially suicide), mentions of sexual assault (graphic depictions are not permitted at all), descriptive violence or gore, eating disorders, addiction or drug use, self-harm, child or domestic abuse, and specific kinks and sex acts.
• Writing that surpasses 300 words, posts that contain more than one picture or pictures over 300x300 pixels in size, and nsfw or adult-natured content should always be placed behind a cut.

Please copy and paste this format when posting fanworks:

Moderators will tag posts for you. If you think you understand our tagging system well enough to do it yourself, feel free, but otherwise don't worry about it.

• If your fanwork was done for a prompt table or challenge, please include a link to the table or challenge and list the specific prompt in your summary.

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